Boan’s Picks


He Huan Beef Noodle

IMO the best Beef Noodle Soup in Taiwan. Located in Nanmen Market food court. Update Nov 2023: the queue tends to be really long (30+ mins)

Halal Chinese Beef Noodle

Another amazing beef noodle soup restaurant that also sells other northern Chinese style dishes. 

Fu Da Steamed Dumpling

My go-to place for steamed dumplings. But be ready to share a table with strangers—the quintessential Taiwanese dining experience.

Tien Tien Li

Recommended by President Tsai, a local food stall in Ximen that sells traditional Taiwanese street food.

Jin Ji Yuan

Taiwanese style dim sim on Yongkang street. Cheap-ish Xiao Long Bao and dumplings (compared to Din Tai Fung.)

Snow Brothers Shaved Ice

It’s sometimes okay to skip lunch and have shaved ice instead.


Din Tai Fung

A real classic that can’t go wrong. Vegan friendly. Many branches in Taipei but be prepared for a long wait (60+ mins) on weekends.

Fujin Tree

Authentic Taiwanese food with fancier plating and interior design.

Rice & Shine

Enjoy traditional Taiwanese cuisine in a quaint street house on Dihua street.


Taiwanese fusion cuisine and creative cocktails. Very stylish interior. Reservation recommended.

Old Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot

Maybe not for solo travelers. Maybe not in Summer. Reservation recommended.



Sichuan inspired Taiwanese cuisine. My overall top choice.


Fusion cuisine with a unique Taiwanese touch.

Mukuchi Kitchen & Bar

Cute vegan ramen restaurant at Dihua street.


Vegan Re Chao (Taiwanese stir-fry). 

Red Room Rendezvous

If you want a break from Asian food, this is a solid choice.

Ice Gyaru​

KAWAII style vegan cafe serving ice cream and onigirazu (rice sandwich).

NUTTEA Mylk Tea​

Plant-based bubble tea!

Nice Cream

If Ice Gyaru is too kawaii for you, try their gelato instead.

FJ Veggie

Affordable but delicious vegan dumpling chain. Simply search “FJ Veggie” to find the nearest restaurant.


MAJI Square

An unpretentious outdoor venue surrounded by bars and clubs. You may also BYOB from 7-11 and hang with friends there!

Cafe Dalida

Gay bar (but straight friendly) with outdoor seating in Ximen Redhouse. Often host drag performances on weekends.

Draft Land

Beers and cocktails with a Taiwanese twist. They have two bars: a casual bar on the street in Xinyi, and a more proper bar in Dunhua.


Teapot Mountain

A two-hour hike near Jiufen with an amazing coastline view. Very exposed in summer so bring a lot of water.

Huiyao Waterfall

My go-to place when I want a jump into the water during a hot summer day.

Wulai Wild Hotspring

A community-maintained riverside hotspring. Very accessible from the city. Follow the Google Maps pin and find the stairs that leads you to the riverside.

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